Registration sign up - how to register gmail account Registration sign up - how to register gmail account - dear valued visitor, gmail is one of the compelling webmail providers and will change your perspective of mail as it has lots of features compared to other web mail service providers.

we will direct you on the step by step procedures on how we official create gmail account on the official website

According to research carried out it was discovered that gmail is among the fastest growing and the highest use webmail all around the world. and google mail is the safest web mail due to the fact that its security is guaranteed and its free of spam.

we all know that google is the giant of all search engines, but puting that aside, you will get to find that they are are also the giant of all webamail, due to its unlimited features.

you will get to know that google mail offers lots of trilling service and awesome platform in which you can use your gmail account to carry out multiple functions, such as to have access to Youtube, Blogger, Google+, Adsense, Google Chrome, Google Play, Google Drive, Google Map and much more.

Amongst other webmail providers, none other webmail has provided such awesome and multiple task with just a single webmail account like


  • visit official website in your web browser.

  • the homepage will be displayed bearing the registration form.

  • Enter your Name! { eze humphery }

  • Fill in Username! { }
  • Enter your preferred password!

  • Enter your Date of birth { month/day/year }

  • Select Gender {male or female}

  • Put your Mobile number{ +2348148075748 }

  • Enter your Location or country

  • However after the details is entered correctly, click on proceed.

  • A new page will be displayed which you will be asked to verify your account, therefore enter your mobile number and click on continue button.


    If in any case you ever forgot your password, the awesome thing about gmail is that, recovering your password is quite secure and yet simple compared to other email providers out there.

    To recover your your password, just ‘click here‘ or paste this in your browser and follow the information on the screen.

    Need more help, checkout the Google Account Community for more answers (

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